Lemaître at Gallery Satellite, Paris

news_oct_17_01Still waiting for the big day and the blockbuster exhibitions for Lettrism, Gallery Satellite and Marie Kawazu exhibit again Lemaître’s works. Curated by Frédéric Acquaviva (his seventh show on the works of the author of “Has the Movie started yet?”) this exhibition is also intended as a tribute to the late Bruno Maisons, the creator of Gallery Satellite. The exhibition will present a choice of multiples by Lemaître.
October 3-25, opening October 3, 5.30-8.30 pm
Gallery Satellite
7, rue François de Neufchâteau, 75011 Paris

Lemaître at Re:Voir, Paris

news_oct_17_02Concurrent with the exhibition at Gallery Satellite, The Film Gallery will show the latest photoworks of Lemaître, part of his deluxe book “Done with Filming”, recently published by Christian Lebrat and his Editions Paris Expérimental.
October 19, from 6:00 pm
The Film Gallery
43, rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris

Symposium in Lisbon/Portugal

news_oct_17_03Perfectly organized by Anabela Duarte at the University of Lisbon, in conjunction with the contemporary museum of Lisboa: the MAAT, this international symposium aims to discuss music, Lettrism, avant-gardes and counterculture. For a change to similar past symposia, this one has also invited artists. A large and encompassing program, where people will be able to hear Loré Lixenberg give a recital of Isou’s poetry and Frédéric Acquaviva talk about his pioneer Lettrists orchestrations and spatialize Isou’s “Juvenal Symphony”. Among the guests will be Sylvain Monségu as well as Kevin Repp from Yale University’s Beinecke Library, and Bronac Ferran.
October 25-27
“Invisible Republic: Music, Lettrism, Avant-Garde”
- International Conference on Music, Avant-Garde and Counterculture
University of Lisbon Center for English Studies, School of Arts and Humanities
Alameda da Universidade, 1600-214 Lisbon/Portugal

Academics and Lettrisme

news_oct_17_04In the collection of the French “Blue Guides” on Lettrism, a new thesis has just been published by the Presses du Réel. As the author says in his preface: “Strangers we are to this intimacy of the artistic life, strangers we will remain”.
Frédéric Alix
Penser l’art et le monde après 1945 – Isidore Isou, essai d’archéologie d’une pensée

Les Presses du Réel, 512 pp, 17x24cm, 32€

Death of Robert Altmann

news_oct_17_05Robert Altmann (1915-2017), father of the Lettrist artist Roberto Altmann, banker, publisher and collector, just passed away at the age of 102. Very discrete (not a single photo of him exists on the internet) and having a fantastic smile that Henri Chopin knew so well to transcribe in a plate, Robert was the one that published with Brunidor the very first lithograph of Isou, taken from Isou’s mythic series of the “Networks”. Robert Altmann also collected numerous canvasses of Isou, supporting him at a time when nobody else was doing it. Although those canvasses are now dispersed in other collections, Robert Altmann will remain a key actor in the propagation of Lettrism, at a time where Centre Pompidou announces a retrospective for 2018 – on Cubism.


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