Lettrists and Situationnists at MAMCO, Geneva

news_feb_18_01“The World as a Labyrinth” is an exhibition curated by John Armleder, Paul Bernard, Gérard Berréby, Lionel Bovier, Alexandra Catana Tucknott, Julien Fronsacq and Mai-Thu Perret. It presents together the works of Lettrism, Situationnist Internationale, Bauhaus Imaginiste, Lettrist Internationale, and SPUR. This show is supposed to honor the works of Pinot Gallizio, Ralph Rumney, Asger Jorn, and Gil J Wolman, next to the inevitable Guy Debord –  reminding us of the 2003 exhibition “After the End of Art” held at Museum of Modern Art at Saint-Etienne/France.
February 28 – May 6
“Die Welt als Labyrinth”
10, rue des Vieux-Grenadiers, 1205 Geneva/Switzerland

Calligraphy at Garage Cosmos, Brussels

news_feb_18_02The exhibition “Calligraphy as Process”, curated by Eric Fabre’s daughter, mixes together calligraphic works coming from very different horizons, from East Asia to South America, as from Christian Dotremont’s and Serge Vandercam’s Belgium. In this exhibition, one will also be able to see the works of Mirtha Dermisache, Brion Gysin, Isidore Isou, Rachid Koraïchi, Roland Sabatier, Alain Satié, Jacques Spacagna, and Charles Hossein Zenderoud.
February 2 – March 31 (opening February 1, 6pm)
“Calligraphy as Process”
Garage Cosmos
Avenue des Sept Bonniers 43, 1180 Brussels/Belgium

In between collectors, EAMC, Berlin

news_feb_18_03“Pictures, Signs and Words”: under this title is an event organized by EAMC where Arno Morenz will join the collector Ivo Wessel to have a conversation on the joy of collecting and the vice of collecting, all this over a glass of wine.
February 18, 5pm
“Bilder, Zeichen und Worte: Über Sammellust und Sammellaster“
Sybelstrasse 62, 10629 Berlin

Lettrists books in Bologna/Italy

news_feb_18_04After the exhibition at the bookshop Lecointre and Drouet, Editions AcquAvivA  now shows their work at FRUIT 6, the independent artist book fair of Bologna, displaying also some Lettrists’ books (Isou, Lemaître, Wolman, Spacagna, Broutin, Poyet, Curtay, Sabatier, Satié).
February 2-4
Palazzo Re Enzo
Palazzo Re Enzo, Salone del Podesta Hall, Piazza del Nettuno1/C, 40125 Bologna/Italy

Poyet on a slate

news_feb_18_05“101 slate books” is a collective work by Wanda Mihuleac of 101 French poets, among them Fernando Arrabal, Alain Jouffroy, Linda Maria Baros, Ben, Magda Carneci, Daniel Daligand, Jean-Clarence Lambert or Bernard Noël, as well as a certain François Poyet who plays here the role of the infiltrated Lettrist.
Wanda Mihuleac
“101 Livres-Ardoises”
Editions Transignum,
26 x 20 cm, 45€


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