Lettrists in Livorno

news_dec_17_01“La Parola Alle Immagini” is a typical collective Italian exhibition of avant-garde works, organized by the new gallerist Gian Marco Casini, who continues showing all those artists that interested Roberto Peccolo. Along with some Fluxus artists like Philip Corner, Serge III, Dick Higgins or Nam June Paik, some concrete poets like Henri Chopin or Jiri Kolar, the exhibition also displays a Lettrist section with Isou, Lemaître, Sabatier, Broutin and Wolman
until December 2
“La Parola Alle Immagini”
Gallery Gian Marco Casini
Via F. Crispi 52, 57123 Livorno/Italy

Lemaître and CRU#3 in Berlin

news_dec_17_02Adeline Mannarini and Anagram Books welcomes La Plaque Tournante (Frédéric Acquaviva and Loré Lixenberg) for the coming out of the third annual issue of “CRU” magazine. This issue includes artists such as Eduardo Kac, Joël Hubaut, and also Maurice Lemaître who can be heard on the DVD with a performance by Marie-Thérèse Richol-Müller  of some of his early poetry. There is also a poster dedicated to Lemaître, as well as a catalogue of his exhibitions, in the form of a large folded poster.
“CRU 3”, 30€ for one of 470 copies / 400€ for one of 20 signed deluxe copies with 5 sound artworks
December 16, 8pm
Anagram Books
Lausitzer Str. 35, 10999 Berlin

Letters from Debord to Wolman

news_dec_17_03The secret “Edition Privé Hors Commerce” has released a very interesting PDF containing not only all the letters sent from Debord to Wolman from 1952 to 1956, but also some critical notes that permits to understand better the context. Strange times when the letters to Hervé Falcou have been published in a luxury edition, but not this amazing correspondence, apart from this bootleg initiative.
“Correspondence Debord to Wolman, 1952-1956”
Edition Privé Hors Commerce
To receive the PDF:

Broutin, Gillard and Poyet

news_dec_17_04Nearly 50 years after the magazine “L’irreductibilité lettriste”, founded by François Poyet, was published showing the works of his friends Broutin, Curtay and Gillard, the Lettrist Atelier publishes another publication with only Broutin, Gillard and Poyet, which will tell about their evolution, regression or stagnation.
“Broutin, Gillard, Poyet”
Atelier Lettriste,
32p, 21x21cm, printed at 230 copies at 10€, and 20 copies signed by the authors at 40€

Goodbye Paul Destribats

news_dec_17_05The unique avant-garde book collector Paul Destribats, born in 1926, died recently at 91. Apart from two “Directives” canvases of Debord and the fantastic hypergraphic novel “No More” of Jean-Louis Brau he once owned, he was also having in his collection books by Wolman, Dufrêne, Spacagna and Lemaître, even if he was mainly focused on Dada and Surrealism. Goodbye, Paul.


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