Wolman at Lara Vincy, Paris

news_june_17_01You still have the entire month of June to rediscover the editions of Gil Wolman and particularly his “Duhring Duhring” or the “Résumé des Chapitres Précédents” at Youri Vincy. There are also other multiples or editions by Ben, Charles Dreyfus, Esther Ferrer, Raymond Hains, Joël Hubaut, Léa Le Bricomte, Miller Levy, or Jean-Luc Parant.
until June 30
Gallery Lara Vincy
47, rue de Seine, 75006 Paris

Isou and Sabatier in Brussels/Belgium

news_june_17_02The exhibition “Modus Operandi”, curated by Gregory Lang, continues at the Societé D’Electricité in Brussels, showing two works by Isou and Sabatier, as well as some others by Mohr, Filliou, LeWitt, Art & Language, or Oppenheim.
until July 15
“Modus Operandi”
Societé D’Electricité
106 Rue Vanderstichelen, 1080 Brussels/Belgium

Isidore Isou, Particules Esthétiques & Infinis

news_june_17_03This good catalogue extends the unfortunately very short exhibition at Eric Fabre’s Garage Cosmos in Brussels. It offers some interesting information and comments by Christian Schlatter and Eric Fabre himself on what Isou contributed with his “infinitesimal art”.  And we can even discover some Isou works which have never been reproduced before.
“Isidore Isou: Particules Esthétiques & Infinis”
Christian Schlatter, Eric Fabre
Catalogue Garage Cosmos, Brussels,
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Wolman in Darmstadt/Germany

news_june_17_04Incredible: the Pedagogical Services of the Mecca of contemporary music, Darmstadt, analyzes one of Gil Wolman’s “megapneumes” (his poetry on the ‘big breath’), in the context of the publication of a symposium on the physicality of sound and music. Boulez would turn in his grave!
“Body Sounds”
Edited by Jörn Pieter Hiekel
Editions Schott, Darmstadt,

Death of Chantal Petithory

news_june_17_05We just learnt about the recent death of Chantal Petithory. Chantal was the spouse of Jean Petithory, an important friend of the avant-garde and Lettrism, who very unexpectedly died more than forty years ago. His widow continued for some time to operate his library “Les Mains Libres” (Free Hands). Following Man Ray, Roland Sabatier also created a portrait of her in 1974-1975, titled “The rich hours of Chantal”, followed by “Hypergraphic Comments”. Goodbye, Chantal.


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